In Māori Mythology, as in other Polynesian Traditions, Māui is a Cultural hero and a trickster, famous for his exploits and cleverness. He possessed superhuman strength, and was capable of shapeshifting into animals such as birds and worms.

Te Whai Wawewawe a Māui is similar to Cats and Cradles, where you have a piece of string that is tied off at both ends. In each of these videos you will be learning different patterns that can be formed by carefully manipulating the string using your fingers to move through, around and over different parts of the string using your fingers. Patterns generally start in Position A, so if you have forgotten what this looks like please refer to the video titled Position A. Once you have mastered each pattern you can then go on and be clever like Māui and use these patterns to create your own stories or make your own magic happen.

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