Mau Rākau - Taiaha

It is said weapons including the taiaha and patu were handed down by Tāne, god of the forest and Tūmātauenga, god of war, the two sons of Ranginui and Papatuanuku. The Whare-tū-taua (House of war) is a term which covers the basics of educating young toa (warriors) in the arts of war. The Taiaha is a hand held close combat weapon that when coupled with swift footwork can become harmonious art as the blade moves articulately through the air and abruptly thrusted in a 360 degree manor. Toroparawae being the foundation of the taiaha is a series of foot movements that depicts the environment from birds, reptiles, trees, water and even earthquakes, when learning any handheld weaponry such as the Taiaha and the many others the first thing you must learn and master is the footwork that goes with it.

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  Mau Rākau - Taiaha
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